New Platform Bed

Recently I got tired of the old platform bed that I had made a couple of years ago. It was comfortable enough, and I had definitely made it sturdy enough, but ultimately I realized it was time for something a little nicer. It's actually two platform sections side-by-side, it's somewhat "portable" and easy to move … Continue reading New Platform Bed


Simple DIY Storage for DVDs

  I really hated all the cases of DVDs I had piling up around the house. In all, we have about 300 movies and TV sets, plus several dozen video game cases. We don't have a lot shelving in the house and the cheap media storage stand we bought only lasted a year before all … Continue reading Simple DIY Storage for DVDs


I guess just about anytime is a good time to say:   "What I am doing here?"   And that's how I've felt recently. Instead of consistently writing or creating anything, I've spent most of my time feeling desperate and trying to get caught up. Lately, due to some changes with my job, I've felt … Continue reading Rebuilding