Decluttering More Clothes!

You know, I really didn’t I could get rid of anymore clothes in big chunk. I know that every so often I would get rid of a shirt or two and maybe a few pairs of pants. But not several bags of clothes!

But a couple of months ago I took an afternoon and decided to go through all of my clothes. It was a very liberating experience and although I missed a few pieces, I was glad to get rid of so much.

The first step was to decide to purge so many clothes. I had some clothing that I had not worn for two years! But, I was holding onto them because I either thought I might wear them again or they had sentimental value to me.


Sentimental is almost always bad! I wish I could say just ignore it and purge the clothes, but the reality is that we LIVE in our clothes, therefore it makes sense that we have trouble getting rid of a shirt that we wore on the first date with our significant other.

But anyway …..

I set up a folding table and starting by taking all the clothes out of my chest of drawers. I put all my socks in a basket to go through later.

Just like any other decluttering project, I made piles of:


Since my goal was to clear out my closet, I had to put a lot into the donation piles. Some were easy but some were hard; again, I had sentimental attachment to some items. Even with all the clothing decluttering I had done up to this point, I still had a TON of stuff to get rid of.

Thankfully though, much of my wardrobe is from thrift stores so getting rid of a lot is not like I’m losing much. I take it back to the store and the cycle repeats.

The easy part was looking at my wonderfully organized drawers amd closet! My OCD demands that I keep the closet hangers all the same and my shirts and color order, but the drawers are not so lucky.

How about you? Are you ready to get your wardrobe down to minimalist proportions?


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