New Platform Bed

Recently I got tired of the old platform bed that I had made a couple of years ago. It was comfortable enough, and I had definitely made it sturdy enough, but ultimately I realized it was time for something a little nicer.

It’s actually two platform sections side-by-side, it’s somewhat “portable” and easy to move around, or at least that was my idea. They’re not light, but not heavy either. The biggest issue I had with them, though, is how low they are to the ground. I thought that I wanted to be lower to the ground for a variety of reasons that I will not get into (one of them being that it would make the room seem larger).

I asked the wife if it was OK (she was not crazy about the low bed anyway), and went off to the home improvement store to get some materials to make this bed. I had made the original bed with barely a tape measure and a cheap dull saw. This time I had a few more tools at my disposal and I was determined to be a little more accurate with my measurements and cuts.

Here is the bed frame:

We’re still using the same mattress setup as before; a memory foam topper that’s about six inches high, plus a fiber bed mattress topper. I really love this new bed, and it’s incredibly sturdy. I was worried about my construction skills building something that had legs (my projects are almost always wobbly), but I took my time and cut the pieces as straight as I could.

I’d love to say that I did everything the way I was supposed to, but I did cut a few corners. The best piece of advice I have for a project like this is (and the author of the Instructable says this also) is to NOT use phillips head wood screws! Seriously, I wish I had spent the extra $2 a box and had some better quality screws; it would have saved me a lot of time.

But otherwise, the construction took me about two hours in total. And that was due to the circular saw blade dying on me, and having to cut a lot by hand. It also took me longer than it should have because of my decision to not follow the instructions. I couldn’t find the lengths of wood the author described, so I just opted for the cheaper furring strips as I had used before. Going this route was OK, but I didn’t really save any money because I had so much waste. OK, I’ve learned a lesson for next time.

I got a lot of satisfaction from this project; it helped me learn some new skills and get better with the ones I had. It may not be a fine piece of furniture, but I smile a little bit each night getting into a bed that I made (that doesn’t wobble).


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