Decluttering the Hall Closet

Believe it or not, some people actually like to clean and organize things. I’m somewhere in-between, I think. I love the end result of when a goal is accomplished; when I’ve successfully rid myself of unneeded items and now that space is reclaimed.

Clothing has been pretty easy for me to weed through and donate, sell or just toss out. Pure junk on the other hand, is much more difficult for me. My stress levels get higher and higher and I feel overwhelmed five minutes. Take, for example, my recent attempt to clear up this messy closet.

This is one of the junkiest areas in my whole house I think. Most people have a junk closet, and unfortunately I need a lot of things that are store in here. Irons, towels, medicines, etc. I can’t just get rid of all these things, but I can pare them down. We have about 16 towels (full-size, not just small ones) for the two us. That’s an insane amount of towels! So we’re just keeping the ones we actually like, some of the older ones go to utility uses (like in the car) and the rest I will be donating.

I started the whole process by setting a small folding table beside the closet and began moving items out of it and onto the table to sort through. This made the process a little easier, but with all the junk that was in there I could have used four tables like this.

I made piles of the towels first, since they were the largest and most bulky items. Then I started going through the rest and separating everything into piles of like items. For example, all the medicine and first aid items were sorted by date, and then either discarded or put into containers. I used two basic containers to separate my wife’s items and my own. In the end, it’s not perfect, but it’s a great start.

Overall, the project took me about an hour and a half. I had to take a few garbage bags out, and clean some funky deep recesses of the space. The lesson I took from all this is:

It’s much easier to keep an area simple than it is to clean it up later.

So, I’m going to continue working on this space, it’s far from complete in my mind. But once I get it the way I’d really like it to be, I’ll update this post to reflect that.


2 thoughts on “Decluttering the Hall Closet

  1. I like things decluttered but hate doing it. Unfortunately I’m better than anyone else in the family. I don’t mind throwing their stuff away at all. As George Carlin says: “Your stuff is s–t and my s–t is stuff.”

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