Oooops, or, When You Declutter Too Much

I made a mistake.

One of the key aspects of decluttering and clearing your space (and also avoiding being a hoarder) is to not keep something because you might need or want it someday.

Well, I realized last night that I gave away some old magazines I wish I had kept.

Last year when I was clearing all my clutter, I was trying to go through everything quickly and not think too much about the items. Basically, if I hadn’t used it in three months, the item could go to the thrift store and in my upcoming yard sale. If I was undecided about an item, I would put it in a “maybe” pile and then come back to it in a week.

The yard sale went well enough, as I remember. We sold our kitchen table and chairs, and a bunch of other small items and clothing. Unfortunately, I also sold the aforementioned magazines that I wish I still had.  They were comics magazines, and they had a serialized story that I now want to read! I had no interest in it before, but how would I know that in a year I would want them?

Writing this out actually helps me understand the situation better. My first thought was:

“Great. What else have I thrown out that I might want.”

But that kind of thought process could lead you to keep all kinds of unnecessary junk that you shouldn’t have. Instead, I’m realizing it for what it was: a simple mistake.

When I got rid of the magazines, they were in the way. Plus, the person that bought them got to enjoy them instead them being unused in a closet.

I’m sure you’ve given away something you later regretted. What was it? Did you get over it, or did it bother you to the point of re-purchasing the item?


9 thoughts on “Oooops, or, When You Declutter Too Much

  1. I gave away a movie I should have kept… I not really upset, I guess I could download it. Not really in rush to buy it.. So I will see I will feel in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I found a really great solution for getting rid of old movies: I donate them to my local library. I haven’t really missed anything I’ve donated, and I guess if I really want to watch the movie again I can just go check it out from the library (so far, I haven’t).

      I have some movies I like to watch repeatedly, but there are plenty I don’t, so that system has worked pretty well.

    2. I found a great solution to giving away old movies: I give them to the library. That way, if I ever really want to watch something again, I can just go and check it out! So far, I haven’t missed anything I gave away.

  2. totally done this. I hurt my foot a few years back and ended up in a walking cast. I got out of it and donated it, only to get injured again, which meant that I had to pay for another walking cast. I learned my lesson that time and kept the second cast. But naturally, when I got injured last month, it was the other foot. Now I have two reusable casts in my closet. Fortunately I only have two feet.

    Clever idea about donating the movies to the library and then being able to check them out again if you change your mind. Makes my little librarian heart sing!

    1. The last time I dropped off movies, I think I dropped off about 23 or 24 of them. I plan on dropping off more soon! It was such a great feeling to know that others could be happy by something that was taking up space in my house.

      I think a foot cast (or any cast) is OK to part with- I mean- hanging on to something like that in case you get hurt again may be discounting your motor skills a little too much 🙂

  3. According the book of Corinthians – “God loves a cheerful giver”. I think if we give and even too much, he will reward us in more ways than we could ever imagine. I think that has held me back from donating a lot of times. So today, I’m working to de-clutter, and de-stress. I want my life back. Best wishes!!

  4. I gave one of my old laptops away to a friend when I was trying to clean up. I had another and figured he needed it more. I hadn’t used this one in months mind you. A week later my fan failed and my motherboard got messed up.
    I don’t regret giving it to him, however I did end up having a need for it. But the need was minor at the time and keeping it was unneccessary. I did learn something from it though, have at least one extra of important things and keep them in a safe place. Don’t go crazy and hoard, but make sure you have a plan.
    It was my choice to give up the laptop, and it was nice to see it get used and it gave me a reason to get a new computer. Easiest thing for me is to let go. There isn’t much that you need, as long as you have your bases covered and you take care of the things you have?

    1. Exactly, you don’t need much in your life to be happy. And something I’ve found to be true is that the less I have, the less stress I have, because I’m not worried about my stuff.

      My laptop does worry me though, because I worry that it’s going to fail and I’ll have nothing! Then I’ll be forced to buy that Chrombook I’ve been lusting after, and the cycle just repeats. 🙂

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