After the Holiday Excess…

I haven’t written anything in quite a while now. The reason? Well, I haven’t had much to say.

The excess of the holidays has come and gone, but not in my house. No, the only things we received were consumable or usable goods. The only decorations I have to take down and put away are a simple string of colored LED lights I had put up over our fireplace.

Since Thanksgiving, there have been many parties and events, filled with all kinds of food, both good and bad. I’ve heard many times from people to “just eat/do what you want- it’s the time of year for it!”

I disagree.

In a few days (January 2nd, to be clear), many people will begin their journey towards losing those holiday pounds and inches they gained. They will join gyms, or meal plans, start chugging shakes or buying expensive blenders. Then, at the end of the month, they will admit that it’s all too hard and will go back to just accepting things as they are… until swimsuit season rolls around.

The problem here (and I am guilty, so don’t think I am pointing fingers at everyone and not myself) is our willpower in these situations. If you don’t plan to make permanent changes, then your actions are only going to give you a temporary result.

Here is a list of things I have said myself, along with generalizations of things I’ve heard from others regarding holiday eating, exercise, and weight loss:

1. Just eat what you want- it’s the holidays.  Well, that’s not good enough for me. You either change the way you eat or you don’t, but don’t make excuses for yourself. This applies to any time of year, by the way.  You don’t go to a buffet and gorge yourself just because it’s there, do you?

2. OK, starting (fill in your date here) I’m going to start exercising. I am extremely guilty of this, and have probably said this way too many times in the past. I don’t anymore though, because I taught myself to say “tomorrow”. Whatever I want to do, I do it the next day.

If I miss a workout or run, or if I eat badly, then I start the next day, and not some arbitrary date. Why? Because everything in-between is just going to be wasted time. Start now; don’t wait.

3. I can’t afford a gym. That’s great- I couldn’t either. You don’t need to buy expensive workout DVDs or equipment for your home either. Pushups are free. So are sit-ups, jumping jacks, and a multitude of other workouts.

If you’ve over indulged on food this season, help is on the way: it’s called your own willpower. Stop making excuses and take control of your life; only you can decide to move forward or become consumed by excess.


5 thoughts on “After the Holiday Excess…

  1. good to see you back!
    Great post. I’ve never understood the phrase ‘it’s the holidays, you’re supposed to overeat!” but maybe because that’s all of my the anti-bulimia therapy I’ve had.

    A while back, you mentioned starting a blog about pop culture. Looking forward to seeing it if you decide to do that. Happy holidays!
    Joanna @ I won’t be a hoarder too

    1. Thanks! I needed a short break I think.

      Do you have any good links (your blog or others) about eating disorders and holiday eating? I would be happy to add that information in.

      I haven’t started my pop culture blog yet, but I’ll let you know when I do!

      1. Hm, I’m still pulling together resources for my blog as I muddle through the things I need to do at the holidays. But has a good article on how to handle holidays for people who binge-eat:

        I can’t believe CNN actually wrote an article that got something right, but they did a good job with this one: always has good resources:

        but the National Eating Disorders Association probably has the best list:

        Have a great new year!

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