How to Get There

Saturday, I bought myself a new bike, even though I already own a bicycle.

That goes against the minimal/simple living lifestyle, since I already had an item that was not broken, but my desire to have something different led me to purchase something. The shame!

OK, I don’t feel shameful about it. I wanted a different kind of bike than what I had. My old bike was a basic $99 Wal-Mart beach cruiser that I bought a year before I started running. I wanted some exercise, and since I had been really fit when I rode my bike everywhere as a teenager, a bike should get me back in shape again, right?

How naive I was back then!

I’ve put a fair amount of miles on that cruiser bike, but anyone who rides for fitness will laugh at what I consider a “fair amount”. It’s been good transportation for me, but an efficient ride it is not. The crank is short, the frame is aluminum so it’s very stiff, the tires are made for the smoothest ride… well, you get the idea.

I ended up purchasing another $99 bike from Wally world, their cheapest road bike, the “Thruster” fixie by Kent. It’s best feature is the flip flop hub, with a fixed gear on one side and a freewheel on the other.
I wanted something I could commute to work on; a bike that would get me there fast and be responsive, and this bike is perfect. Plus, it comes in crazy colors that you either love or hate.

I like the color scheme, it’s colorful:

The only thing I absolutely hate is the seat! I swear that whoever designed this seat was not making it for a human rear-end. The brakes are crappy too, although to be fair a lot of the braking issues fall on the glossy painted rims as well. I’ll replace the back brake soon enough, and the seat from my cruiser is going on this bike.

Now, I know the minimal circle thinks that objects can’t make you happy, and that’s true. But I really LOVE my new bike, but not for what it is, but the way it makes me feel. This is something I can use for some exercise, and it saves me wear and tear on my car. I’m excited to go ride it each time.

Now I just need a helmet.


5 thoughts on “How to Get There

  1. Joanna @ I Won't Be a Hoarder Too says:

    I love it! Most bikes are pretty boring and it’s nice to see one that’s different.

    And thanks for reminding me that I’m not weird for owning two bikes! I have a super lightweight road bike and a comfort bike for the rocky trails around here where I can’t use the road bike. Have fun riding to work and be safe.

    • Free Your Mind Today says:

      Thanks! I didn’t realize when I bought it that I bought a “hipster bike” … oh well 🙂

      I used to ride BMX and freestyle a long long time ago, and I had several bikes- all for different purposes. It’s not weird to have more than one bike.

      Do you have any recommendations on saddles? The one that came with the bike is horrible, and the one I have on it now is not ideal.

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