Being Honest… with Your Stuff

This week I got rid of some more clothes and a pair of shoes; I dropped them off at the thrift store yesterday.

One of the items was a knit polo shirt that I had been debating about getting rid of for almost a year. A year! That’s ridiculous. It didn’t hold any special meaning to me, and I didn’t like the shirt. But for some reason, I just kept holding onto it.

The shirt always felt a little larger than it’s label claimed, so it was baggy on me. The color was a dark/burnt orange, and  I’ve realized that is just not a good color on me (I do better with blues and greens).

This shirt survived the first clothing purge, and now I’m getting into refining the clothes I have left and making sure belong in my dresser or closet. I kept quite a few pieces that I wasn’t sure about getting rid of before, but now it’s time to be honest about whether I like them or not.

That shirt wasn’t working for me, so it went.

I also let go of a fairly nice pair of dress boots I had bought about six years ago. I bought them to go with the more mature and sophisticated wardrobe I was building at the time, that consisted of dress shirts, ties, and suits.

I don’t wear suits anymore, and the shoes didn’t really go well with jeans. They were comfortable, and looked really cool, but they also needed to be re-soled.

Ultimately, I decided that I had loved them for many years, but now maybe someone else could love them as well. That made me feel good, knowing that someone else would see them and get excited about them!

These two items were lingering around in my closet, even though I hadn’t wanted them for a while now. The lesson I learned here is that sometimes all that’s needed is a little time to gain some perspective.

Have you saved anything from a purge, only to get rid of it three months (or more) later?


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