Eating Poor, Running More

This morning, I ran four miles. I had only set out to run three, but I guess I got inspired by my general lack of fitness to push myself a little further.

Even though I am capable (that being a key word here) of running four miles and beyond, I am not in the shape I should be in. I don’t eat meals that maximize nutrition, I drink too much alcohol, and I choose poor snacks.

The result of my poor habits: general sluggishness and a buddha belly. It’s frustrating, but I’m in charge of my well-being, no one else is. I have no problems exercising, it’s the nutrition side that struggle with.

My Workouts

I try to run six days a week, of varying distances. Most days I will run an even three miles; it’s an easy distance that I have time for in the morning and I can be done in under 30 minutes. As soon as I’m done running I will walk about a quarter mile as a cool-down, which I’ve found is very important, followed by light stretching.

For about a month I’ve also been doing 50 jumping jacks right after running, and if I feel ambitious I’ll do 50 of those plus 10 burpees (or squat thrusts) and then another 25 jumping jacks. It all depends on how hard or far that I run.

That’s been working well to cut my waistline (and fit back into my pants), but it’s slow going. And that’s because…

I Eat Poorly

I’ve been a vegetarian for eight years now, and I still eat pretty bad most of the time. There, I said it, and it’s out of the way. Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean that you automatically eat healthier. I’m still tempted by those potato chips, just like you!

Because I don’t plan out my meals properly, I end up eating more at one meal because I’m hungry, and then I have to workout harder to make up for bad decisions. It’s a vicious cycle.

Also, I don’t really eat much for breakfast. I do try to eat something in the morning, but it’s usually no more than a banana and maybe a granola bar (probably less than 250 calories). I’ve been trying to eat almonds in the morning, since they have fiber and protein, but I’ve just found that I eventually get sick of eating them.

So what I need to do is plan out meals (at least four small meals per day), so that i know almost exactly what I’m going to eat and when. That way there is some structure and I can have more control over calories and fat.

And Finally…

As much as it pains me, I know I have to give up alcohol. Unless you have incredible genes, alcohol and fat loss don’t mix. Basically, the calories you ingest from alcohol are bad on their own, because they have no nutritional value.

But the real problem is that it forces your liver to process the alcohol in your body instead of processing fat. So if you drink daily, you’re constantly interfering with your body’s attempts at processing fat.

Oh well… I guess sacrifices have to be made.

I’m going to try and post each Wednesday some progress update. At least if I think someone is judging my progress, maybe I’ll stick with it.

What about you? Are you stuck in a workout and/or eating rut?


8 thoughts on “Eating Poor, Running More

  1. PDX Running Chick says:

    You should try to eat every couple of hours, so maybe six meals a day, not four — it may feel like you’re always grazing, but it will keep you from ever getting super hungry which is when potato chips seem like the right/best/only thing to eat. You can do this though — you certainly have the right attitude. Good luck!!

    • Free Your Mind Today says:

      Thanks! I’m really going to try to get to six a day, I was going to start with 4 and work up I guess. The almonds really help with snacking, and I drink a lot of water, so that helps too.

      Any breakfast advice? Besides alcohol, breakfast is my biggest enemy, because I just don’t feel like eating much first thing.

  2. PDX Running Chick says:

    I usually make a fruit smoothy for breakfast, bananas, berries, a scoop of protein powder (if I think I need it) and some almond milk. Almonds are good for snacking but they do get boring and I always worry about being too nut dependent (yeah, I like to worry). Lots of people eat oatmeal for breakfast but that’s too much for me. Probably because I eat every couple of hours. If I ate oatmeal I’d probably not eat for 4 hours and then I’d be starving. I am pretty fruit dependent in the morning, especially if its summer and the fruit is plentiful. I stay away from the bars because they tend to have a lot of sugar and the processed nature just isn’t good (and did I mention I like to worry??) If you eat dairy and don’t mind the consistency cottage cheese is good for breakfast too. I don’t do dairy anymore, but when I did I would eat that with a mashed up banana in it. I’ll try to come up with some other breakfast ideas because eating breakfast is pretty crucial to losing weight.

    • Free Your Mind Today says:

      Thanks again! I don’t really eat much dairy, and I have never liked drinking a glass of milk (yuck!).

      Maybe I’ll give the smoothies a go- I always had a hard time with them before, but I think it was from all the dairy (I’d feel sick).

      I really appreciate your suggestions! BTW – I have a recipe on my blog for a tempeh wrap. If you like tempeh 🙂

  3. Stronglikemycoffee says:

    It’s always nice to surprise yourself with an extra “bonus” mile 🙂 I think it’s good that you’ve already identified your eating weaknesses…if you know what’s wrong, you can fix it and improve your energy levels!

  4. Kayla H. says:

    During the week, I eat oatmeal for breakfast. It’s super easy, don’t take long to make, and it ties me over until lunch time. I don’t have time to snack in between, so that’s a must. I like experimenting with different flavors. One delish combo is a little vanilla almond milk, honey, banana, and pecans! On the weekends i have time to do a breakfast that takes more time…like pancakes…yum!

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