Four Months Blogging

Lately, I haven’t had much to write about. Or maybe I just haven’t been motivated; staring around at my empty house is so satisfying, writing about decluttering now just seems like I’m wasting your time and mine.
So I thought back to all the topics I’ve written about since April.

It was so exciting and scary to start a blog. I was worried that I wouldn’t have any readers; I was worried that if I did have readers they would hate my ideas and leave nasty comments. I also worried about writing good content. I wondered if I could keep up with writing frequently enough that people would come back.

Overall, it has been a great experience, and I’m not even six months in!

Popular Posts

After reviewing my posts from April to now, I can see a definite improvement in writing, frequency and public response. Almost everything I’ve posted has been well-received and commented on, but two topics seem to really popular with readers: pallet beds and decluttering clothes.

Nearly every single day, someone is clicking on my blog by searching for “pallet bed” or some variation of that (the search terms vary widely). Sometimes I’ll copy the exact phrase they searched for, just to do a search and see where my blog pops up, both in search results and images.

I wonder if anyone has been disappointed when they found my basic wood bed frame? Probably. It seems like the majority of searches are for making beds or other furniture out of discarded wood shipping pallets. Anyone who is reading my blog  that wants to start their own blog with high traffic, just start writing about stuff you can make out of pallets… seriously! I don’t think it could possibly fail.

The other hot topic is getting rid of clothes; every day someone is reading that post. I guess this means there are a lot of people out there feeling overwhelmed by their overstuffed closets and dressers. Paring my clothes down was certainly an enjoyable process.

I’d be lying to you if I claimed that my dresser was very tidy and everything was always put away the way it should be. So I won’t. Sometimes I have a laundry basket that sits around with clothes unfolded. Sometimes I just shove socks and underwear in the drawer because I don’t feel like folding them! But it’s hidden away at least.


I’ve learned a lot about minimalism since I started. I also decided it’s not a label I want, will identify with, or spend a great deal of time writing about.

That’s not to say I won’t write about it. I feel the message of minimalism is highly important, and the more people that begin living with less, the better. But there are more than enough blogs out there on the subject, and certainly enough e-books to go around.

I see it as a challenge to contribute something different. Sure, I could just spout off daily about how you need less stuff, but eventually you will realize you’ve heard this song before. I’ve actually started writing a post and then realized it was too similar to another (either my own or someone else’s).

So I either start over or walk away until I think of something better.


Finally, why did I name my blog this? It wasn’t a thought out decision. I knew basically what I wanted to write about, and a few names popped into my head, but most were either too ridiculous sounding or they were already taken by other bloggers.

“free mind today” just popped into head, and it was available! I knew that if I spent too much time trying to decide what the name of my blog should be, then I would never actually write or post anything. It took me a while, but eventually I figured out how to change the blog header to “Free Your Mind Today”.

I’m inching closer to 50 posts. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, both of you!*

*I know I have more than two readers, it’s a joke.


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