Cleared Spaces: The Front Door

What do you want to see when you first walk into your home? Everything straight and in it’s place, or junked up and in the way?

If you choose the second option I have bad news for you: you might be a hoarder! But seriously, I don’t think anyone likes to have their things unorganized. For me, I tend to drop things by the front door when I come in (or am going out) and then leave them there for far too long.

What’s here is a pile of junk mail, regular mail, items headed to the thrift store, shoes, and… well stuff. None of it needs to be there, except maybe the mail. So, I cleared it out!

How do things get so bad? Because I don’t put things where they belong. When you don’t put things where they belong, eventually they pile up and you have to do a lot of cleaning. Who wants that burden all the time?

My goal now is to keep everything straight and neat and not ignore problem areas.

I’m going to be constantly asking myself: “Does this belong here?” Here is the front door area after I put everything away:

I’m starting to feel better about the whole process. I’ve been thinking back about how much has left our house, and it’s really quite a lot of things, large and small.

I just don’t want to get complacent though; there is still a lot to get done.

How about you? Are you ready to part with your stuff?


5 thoughts on “Cleared Spaces: The Front Door

  1. Hi! I’ve been parting with my stuff for the last 15 years and it really is like an onion. I thought I’d been at the inner core for years and yet I’m constantly, lately, amazed at the additional stuff I’ve been letting go of. Last week it was our big entertainment center, coffee table, huge painting, bathroom storage cabinet. None of this stuff is missed. We’re a family of five and we’re down to about 25 pieces of furniture in the house total. That’s including a kitchen table with eight chairs. It’s very liberating and exciting even, all this lightening up! I still don’t see how I can get rid of any more stuff- but- we’ll see.

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! You’re right, it’s like an onion, and there are just many different layers to go through.

      You know, I’m starting to wonder what else can go in my house (except for what’s already planned to leave). I still can’t part with my second TV, but I know it has to go 😦

  2. It’s definitely an ongoing process. I try to process the stuff that can become front door clutter as soon as it comes in the door. For me, this is stuff like mail, groceries, and my wallet, keys, and phone. I sometimes find myself reverting to my old ways of dump and run when I walk in the door, and I have to make a mental effort to go ahead and take care of these things.

    Your new entry way looks great, nice and neat.

  3. Looks great! We recently sold the desk near-ish the front door that we used to dump everything onto. We haven’t missed the desk and haven’t seemed to find any difficulty in just putting things away when we come in.

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