Cleared Spaces: The Hallway

As I posted earlier this week, I am on vacation. Instead of taking a trip somewhere, I decided to save money and use the time to relax and finally start clearing out the rest of the clutter; a process I had started way back in March.

During the process of clearing out the things we didn’t need or want, the things we were keeping had to go somewhere. The first area was the hallway that I had cleared out first.

Since the hallway had a table and was a clear area, it was perfect to put stuff on until I could find a permanent home for it (or get rid of more things). But, I got lazy and let things sit there. Then I piled more things on the table.

“Is this how people start hoarding?” I wondered.

Our hallway looked 100% better than before, but it was still a total wreck.

All of the items on that table did not belong there. In fact, I don’t even want the table there, but we’re trying to make a decision about that. The hallway is an odd space; it’s not really big enough to use for anything and it looks strange when it’s empty.

But I’ll take empty over clutter any day. Here’s a picture of it after I went through all the miscellaneous items living on and under that table.

After decluttering.

It may not seem like much, but having that space clear makes me very happy. When I walk past it, I always look at and remember just how bad it was (twice, even!). This is huge mental victory! It no longer causes me stress, and that’s something no amount of organizing and storage containers can buy: the stuff is gone.


3 thoughts on “Cleared Spaces: The Hallway

  1. Looks awesome! You guys did a great job. You can see that beautiful hardwood floor now.

    Do you guys have an intended purpose for the hallway (like is it a ‘launch pad’ or a place where you’d pay your bills?), or will you just use it as a hallway?

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure how it’s going to be used, but for now I kind of like it being just a hallway. It’s simpler that way, and easy to keep straight.

      Maybe it will be my inspiration area- one that is super easy to keep clean, but reminds me there is still a lot to do!

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