Vacation Motivation

I’m on vacation this week, but instead of heading off to the beach I’m going to tackle the rest of the house clutter. I didn’t take off specifically to do this, but I’m determined to take care of many of the projects I’ve started. Some of the decluttering began back in March and has not progressed at all!

But, my major goal for this week is clear out our side room, which is a small (8′ x 12′) room right beside our living room. When we first moved into our house, we were unsure of what to do with the room. It’s small, odd shaped, and is the only room in the house with wood paneling on the walls and ugly carpet. The rest of the house we painted and have nice wood floors.

This room, however has been a junk room almost since the start. We never intended for it to be, it just happened naturally. We gain a new piece of exercise equipment? Into the side room. We have some boxes down from the attic we don’t feel like putting back up? Into the side room. The puppy no longer needs the kennel? You get the idea.

That worst part: the room has been cleared several times already! But we just keep filling it with stuff instead of giving it purpose.
So this week, along with my other goals, that room shall be cleared out cleaned and painted white (because that’s what I want). I should have it all cleared by the end of the week; before and after pics will follow.

Since the room was filled mostly with gifts and things we didn’t care for but didn’t know how to get rid of, I feel sharing this link to I Won’t Be A Hoarder Too  is appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Motivation

    1. It’s been good so far. I need to use my time a little better, but I made some great progress yesterday (which I will be posting later, as promised!).

      If I can ever figure out how to do it, I will add a non-profit decluttering blogger list like you have. It’s a great idea!

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