Tackling Clutter: The Movie Collection

We love movies. In fact, we love movies so much we have a ridiculous collection of them.

Maybe we don’t have  a huge amount by some people’s standards, but we still have a lot. Most of them we bought used for less than $10, from the $5 bin, or were given to us. We have inset shelving in our living room, which is full. We have another free-standing rack, which is full.

My solution is to convert all of our movies that we want to keep into digital files I can keep on an external hard drive. It’s a long process, but I’m already about 60% of the way through. All the files can be easily accessed without ever opening a single DVD case.

I also bought a streaming media player that has a USB connection, so I can plug in the hard drive and play everything directly to the TV.

With all of our movies housed on one small device, there is no need to have the DVD cases cluttering up our living and taking up space, or have loose discs floating around.

Is your movie collection out-of-control?


2 thoughts on “Tackling Clutter: The Movie Collection

  1. not movies for us, but definitely video games. Unfortunately those can’t be transfered to the latest Apple gadget. We had a stack of them that reached my mid-thigh (okay, I’m short, so it’s not as much as it sounds). We’ve sold most on half.com and made about 1/2 of the purchase price back. DVDs, games, and CDs are fortunately pretty easy to get rid of.

    1. I have a pretty sizable game collection (mostly vintage consoles, plus all their cords and connections). I’ve been debating what to do with them- part of me hates storing them away, but they make me happy.

      That will be the ultimate de-cluttering if I can part with vintage game collection!

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