Cleaning Binge

Last night, I went on a cleaning binge. Mostly because I was sad, and needed something to do.

I wiped down almost all of the window sills, doors and baseboards. I emptied trash cans and cleared out dust. Remarkably, I didn’t sneeze once.

Then, I got really frustrated. I started to realize as I was straightening up that I was just cleaning around the piles of clutter. The piles that I should have really been attending to instead.

So, I stopped cleaning and grabbed my camera. Then I went around the house and took pictures of each area of junk.

The reason? So I have an example to post here later. Because if I post it here for the world to see, then I have to clean it up.

It’s cliché, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is shining on living spaces that have a bare minimum of furniture and are free of clutter.

I’ll be posting a cleaned up area later today.


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