Still Cluttered

I still have two major problem areas of clutter to deal with, but I’ve been ignoring them.

The hallway, which had been the first area I tackled, still has the organized piles of stuff that either lived there before or had come from other rooms. But, I don’t know where to put these things, and that’s why they’ve stayed there so long.

Organized clutter is still clutter though.

Our side room where a lot of things had been moved into is still a total disaster. It’s going to be the last room I get to, simply because it’s going to be an ordeal to clean it and it has been the dumping ground for clutter that wasn’t going out the door. So, it’s full.

But it has the most potential, since the room is basically unused and we can reassign it however we would like to. Part of me wants to make it a (very) small TV/theater room, but I know that it would be incredibly cool but wasteful.

The other option is to paint the whole room stark white and use it as a meditation/relaxation room, with very little furniture in it. I’m leaning more towards that option.

But first, it has to be cleared out. It’s not stressing me too much right now, but I know it will when I get started on it. I just hope I can resist the temptation to move the hallway clutter to the hoarder paradise that is my side room.

Do you have a “junk room”? Do you hate it and wish it would go away?


9 thoughts on “Still Cluttered

  1. Sounds a lot like our place! The hallway and our second room are definitely the worst sources of clutter.

    I wonder if you could have the room as a TV/theater room with one corner (180 or 90 degrees opposite the TV) that is a small meditation area? That way you could still have a white wall and turn your back on the TV. Just my two cents though.

    Our second room has similar problems. We have a huge desk and a huge bed right next to the desk. We share the desk so it’s always a jumble of multiple projects. What doesn’t fit on the desk gets dumped on the bed. I regret not getting two much smaller desks. My bike also lives in there because it’s a really nice and expensive bike and I won’t leave it outside. There’s no better place to put it.

    The bed is the worst though. It’s one big surface and we rarely have guests, so it just gets piled with stuff we don’t want to deal with. hopefully we’ll be parting with the bed and the desk when we have kids. That’ll be a whole new source of clutter though!

    Good luck with your room repurposing. I’m looking foward to seeing how that turns out.

  2. Thank you Joanna! I think I’ll get brave and post some pics of these disaster areas. Maybe it will motivate me more to get them straightened up.

    I totally understand placing things on the bed. I did that when I was a teenager living at my parents house. I would read magazines or books and then toss them to the side when I went to sleep; and they would live there for weeks at a time!

    I’m glad we don’t have a second bed or a guest room set up. We’ve been in our house five years and never had a guest we had to have a spare for. Plus, I’m considering making another platform that could be used as a bed/couch, but can also be moved around if needed.

  3. I too have two areas that play on my mind!
    The first is our under stairs cupboard, it’s not very big and houses the boiler at the back there is a stash of boxes of stuff that I really don’t know what to do with – my wedding dress, a portfolio of art work, a collection of my Grandma’s china etc. Realistically it could all go, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    The other area is the attic space, this is a big room at the top of the house which doubles as a games room, study, guest room – it is also our dumping ground 🙂 This though will have to be sorted soon as our teenage son has decided that he wants to have it as his bedroom so it kind of forces the issue!

    Good luck with the decluttering, a meditation room sounds like a great idea.

    1. Our attic has some junk in it, but it’s not too bad. I’ll probably be tackling that this winter when it’s cool enough to get up there.

      There are plenty of little spots around our house that have been littered with junk, but I try to be positive and picture how nice everything will be when I get done!

  4. I had managed to tuck my clutter into our spare room closet. Then, when I finally got around to going through it, I realized I wasn’t all that attached anymore. Sometimes it just takes time to weaken those strongholds 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly! When you don’t see something for awhile, you realize it’s not that important and you can live without it.

      Unfortunately, I need to keep most of the stuff in my junky room, because it’s housing big things I need like the vacuum cleaner, my bicycle, etc. I’m hoping it goes smoothly.

      1. Oh, definitely! That room is getting cleared out soon. The hardest item is the shop vac, which is big and bulky. The bike can go in our shed.

        I’ll post some before and after pics in a post when I get it all straight.

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