Make each day count!

This morning I had a really great run, came home and exercised a bit more, then ate some food and got ready for work. I fed our dogs, made sure all the doors were locked and headed to work. I stopped and got coffee, said good morning to my wife (she works at the coffeeshop) and headed into work.

And that’s what I do just about every. single. morning.

So when my coffee was done, I started thinking about what I was doing in life and what my day might contain. It’s bound to be a predictable day, no matter what I do, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I want to be more spontaneous, in good ways. I want to help my family or friends with more initiative and not simply wait to see if the might need help with something. That’s not to say I intend to pester them to help them clear out their garage, but maybe just in friendly chats I’ll ask if they’re working on anything I could help with.

I want to be nicer to people, and try to be more cooperative and understanding. I tend to be a little reserved with people, until they frustrate me to a breaking point. I want to learn to effectively communicate with people and hopefully be more honest with them.

I want to spend more quality time with my family and friends. I live less than three miles from my family, but sometimes I may not see them for weeks. Sometimes work and maintaining life just overtakes the things you should really be attending to.

Your time is just ticking away. My time is ticking away. I don’t have the luxury of getting around to these things when I can, I need to do them now. I don’t have the luxury of tomorrow, because anything could happen. The people around you follow these same rules as well.

Don’t be foolish, live the life you want to, but with purpose. ( My advice to myself ).


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