Being Angry

Yesterday, I was angry. I had some issues I was working with that brought about the anger, and I dealt with them as best I could.

Later in the day, the anger was briefly replaced with a profound sadness when I received some bad news. By the end of the day, emotions had me pretty wrecked. I was just worn out. I needed a hug and an “everything will be OK”.

I don’t have anger issues, and never really have. But I still don’t like feeling that way, because I instinctively realize as I am angry that it is a non-productive way to be.

I know that being angry will only get worse if left unchecked and resolved. Unfortunately, when you are experiencing a high-powered emotion like anger, you stop thinking and start reacting with emotions instead of rational thought.

In the end, I dealt with my anger, and didn’t transfer it out to anyone else. So overall, controlling it was a success. I kept a clear (if angry) head and held it back until it finally dissipated away. When I wen to bed, I was no longer angry.

Here is a great post by Leo Babauta on navigating life’s many situations.


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