When Your Clothes Don’t Fit

Yesterday I tried on four different pair of pants, three pairs of shorts. No, I didn’t intend on getting rid of anymore clothes just yet, I was trying to leave the house but none of them fit.

The whole thing made me feel not-so-great, since it reminded me that I still have a ways to go to correct about five years of poor eating habits. It’s difficult when you work hard towards a goal only to feel not much further than where you started. Well, sometimes at least.

Today I am going to go through the remaining clothes I saved and honestly evaluate them as to whether I will ever fit into them again. My shirts are fine, it’s pants and shorts (since they have to fit around the waist just right) that I have to be honest about.

Honestly, I know I’m not going to fit 90%. I bought them or they were given to me when I was starting to get back into shape. And, I bought my old pants size of 32 x 32*

* International readers, U.S. sizes are that the first number is the number of inches (waist), the second is the length of the inseam, also in inches. So my pants are 32 inches in the waist and 32 inches long. Women’s clothing sizes are a complete mystery to me, I have no idea what they mean.

Now, I know that stuffing yourself into too small clothing is uncomfortable. So I bought a bought a few items in the next logical size up: 34″ waist. It was really hard to do, because I was holding onto the idea that 32 x 32 was my pants size, I wasn’t wearing a larger size!

The key word in that sentence: was. I was that size, but not anymore. In addition, who knows when I might be returning, if ever?

I am going to keep a few pants that I like, but it’s going to be another sweep of the dresser and closet to make sure there is no clutter in my clothing. There is also the added benefit that someone finding them at the thrift store will be extremely happy they just scored a brand new pair of pants on the cheap.

How about you? Are you ready to be honest (and later, happy!) with yourself about your clothing fitting you?


2 thoughts on “When Your Clothes Don’t Fit

  1. I gave up the 32s a long time ago, and gave up 30s a while before that. I’m solidly in a 34 now, and hoping to stay here any maybe downsize a little with my new focus on fitness. It’s better to be comfortable than to squeeze into something too small. You can always buy some new ones later if you do size back down, but for now you’re better off getting something that fits.

  2. Yes, it’s most definitely better to be comfortable! I spent years wearing pants that were too small, thinking that any day I would fit into them again. It was only recently that I finally starting moving up in sizes.

    I look forward to reading about your fitness progress!

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