Pushing for Better Habits

Yesterday, I realized I needed to get better with my cleaning habits. It’s easy to forget or just be lazy, but think of how hard it is to clean up when you let things go! I know it, you know it. The best way to fix it is to just get started.

Here are my new goals:

1. Sweep every day. We have hardwood floors, which I love because I have allergies to dust. With our dogs plus what we track in with our shoes, dirty floors can happen almost too fast to keep up with. My one wish was that we had a foyer or mudroom so we could take off our shoes before entering and leaving the house.

2. Wash dishes immediately after using them. This is a tough one- primarily because I’m lazy. I did go through our dishes and get us down to dinner service for four people instead of 16! Seriously, we had more plates than friends we could have over at one time.

So my goal is to have clean dishes every day, no excuses. I will wash every dish when dinner is over, no matter how I feel about it.

3. I will wipe down the fans once a week. We have ceiling fans. Ceiling fans gather dust. Yuck. Plus, as I mentioned I am very allergic to dust. Cleaning the fans requires me to wear a dust mask and protective goggles (overkill maybe), but otherwise I will sneeze for hours. Maybe cleaning them more often will help.

4. I will fold and put away my laundry after every load. This should be simple enough, since I pared down and decluttered my clothes! I am still clearing out clothes I don’t wear anymore, so this should only get easier as I will have less clothes.

5. I will clean up the bathroom each day. We have a small bathroom; space is at a premium. Yet somehow we continue to drop clothes, space heaters, books and other non-essential items in the bathroom. My new goal is to make sure it’s only filled with items that need to live there.

Maybe it’s not a complete list, but it’s where I’ll get started. I’m thinking that if I make my goals public, I have to answer to anyone who reads this and will ask how my new cleaning habits are going.

Do you have any new habits you would like to start or get better with?


5 thoughts on “Pushing for Better Habits

  1. I’m with you on #3. As someone who is also allergic to dust, I really should be doing this regularly. I live in a house that could comfortably fit 6 people and I’m the only one taking care of it (the other occupant is a useless log). Though I’d love to think I could get all the chores done every day, I can only do so much!

    1. Hey, we’re not perfect! Sometimes I look around at the clutter and just slump further into the sofa. But then some days I try to get everything done, only to get aggravated. I’m trying to find a good balance and I think the only way that’s going to happen is if I try to do a little bit each day.

      By the way- the pink hair is awesome.

      1. Thanks for the perspective and the compliment. Sometimes I need a reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things.

    1. Hi Joanna – I really like your blog! I’ve been reading it fora couple of weeks now.

      I’m trying to just get a few things done each day, so I’m not left with a giant mess to clean up at one time. And there are about 20 more things I could have added to this chore list, I just didn’t want to go crazy until I take care of the more important things.

      If you have a good system let me know!

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