Storage: Do You Need It?

Yesterday I went to the beach for the morning. I wanted to spend a few hours relaxing and cooling off from the increasingly hot sun. During my morning I saw two things yesterday that made me think:

The first was some small sand crabs I watched for a while. There were several, actually, but I was watching the two closest to me.

I watched them scuttle from the holes they were digging, carrying a load of sand with them each time. They would scuttle from the hole and then pause, then they would throw the sand and return. I watched them do this off and on for about an hour, and I assume they were still shoveling sand long after I left.

What was interesting was that they repeated the same motion again and again. They worked for probably hours digging a hole that could be covered up in seconds by someone walking over it.

But even so, I’m sure the crabs wouldn’t give up, they would just start over again. I just found it interesting to watch them work.

The second thing that caught by eye was a message on a signboard for a storage facility. I saw it as I was leaving the beach. It read: “YOUR POSSESSIONS ARE OUR PROFESSION”

The message is straightforward: if you have more possessions than will fit in your home, then the storage company will charge you rent to store these things.

Now, I do think there are times when you might need to store something. But if you have no room left in your home and you feel you have to rent a storage unit to store your extra stuff, then that should be a red flag to you: you have too much stuff!

Think about it: you value the items enough to keep them, but not enough to keep them close to you. I just can’t imagine keeping a storage locker for anything other than an emergency move, fire or other disaster.

What do you think? Is it worth paying someone storage fees? Or should you re-evaluate your connection with the items you are storing?


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