When Minimalism Doesn’t Work

This morning I was thinking about different things I’ve tried over the years that, while minimalist in nature, they just didn’t work.

When we bought our first home, it came with the major appliances we needed such as a fridge, stove and water heater. It did not come with (and this is typical) a lawnmower.

Well, no big deal, I thought. I’ll just go drop $100 and get  a decent mower. After some research, I decided to get a non-electric turning reel mower. You know, the old-fashioned kind that doesn’t need gasoline/petrol and runs off of human power.

It was so simple and perfect! I would be helping the environment out by not using more fuel, getting a little more exercise, and if it ever broke I could probably fix it.

We don’t have a large yard, but I soon found out it was too large for this “green” and simplistic mower. It cut the grass beautifully, but if I ran over even a small stick it would get caught in the blades and stop completely.

After a few complete stops due to sticks and pine cones, enough was enough. And forget cutting round-stem weeds; turning reel mower blades only cut flat surfaces (like grass!). I was roaming the yard after mowing the yard picking out weeds by hand.

After a year, I gave up on the turning reel mower. It was just not the right tool to cut the amount of lawn that we have, even though I loved the way it scissor-cut the grass and the simplistic nature of the machine.

I replaced it with a basic pushmower  that has (so far) not given me any major headaches, except when it won’t start. But while the gas powered mower is much more complex (and I don’t know how to fix it if it does break) it allows me to mow my lawn quickly and be done with it, so I have more time to do something else.

And as much as I love the smell of fresh cut grass, it doesn’t mean I want to spend hours cutting it.


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