My Composition Book Problem

I had a problem in the past with purchasing too much of one kind of item. When this behavior goes unchecked for a long time, it’s called hoarding.

One thing I had a real problem with was buying journals and composition books. I counted them all up today and I have 21 composition books.

Composition Books
Composition books are blank, center sewn books with a cardboard cover. They typically have 200 pages and are inexpensive. And for some reason, I bought 21 of them and have only written in three.

I bought these to write in because I like the style of them and they’re super cheap around back to school time (around 50 cents per book). But somewhere along the way I got obsessed and kept buying more and more books.

I was buying them to use for different purposes. One might be dedicated to story notes, another a journal, and another might be for garden notes. But how did I end up with 21 of them?!

I’m not a compulsive writer or into journaling, so I don’t need all of these. Later today the blank ones will be going to a thrift store, and someone else can use them.

Counting them and seeing them all in one stack though is an important lesson: Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap! Buy it because you need it or have a legitimate use in mind.



3 thoughts on “My Composition Book Problem

  1. I have dozens of composition books. I like the look and size of them. They’re handy to me because I don’t feel like I’m ruining a beautiful journal as I write out the messy clutter in my brain that might become a story. Or not.

    1. I don’t think you can ruin a journal- they are your words and thoughts- and that’s all! Sometimes I go back through and “black out” some lines or words I’ve changed my mind on. It’s important to read where you were, so you can figure out where you’re going.

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