Declutter Your Clothes – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote how I got fed up with massive amount of clothing and decided to make my wardrobe minimalist as well.

My purge of clothing went surprisingly fast. I would just dump the clothes out of drawers and from the closet onto my bed and start sorting them into three piles:

1. Keep
2. Donate
3. Trash

I ended up keeping about half of my clothing:

• 3 white dress shirts
• 5 polo shirts
• 7 pairs of dress pants/khakis
• 5 pairs of jeans
• 5 pairs of shorts
• about 8 T-shirts
• 2 coats
• 1 suit

Overall, that’s still quite a bit of clothing! I also didn’t include my workout clothes or basics like underwear and socks.

What did I gain from all of this? Probably the best result of this purge was that I had let go of stuff that was holding me down. I had more clothing than I could realistically wear, and I was using a lot of my free time sorting, washing, storing and moving it.

Another benefit: having less clothing makes you think more carefully about what you do wear and buy in the future. I’m trying to follow the one-in, two-out rule, which means for each item of clothing I bring in, two have to go out the door.



5 thoughts on “Declutter Your Clothes – Part 2

  1. Hi,
    I always feel better after a good purge of my wardrobe! I’ve still a long way to go but definitely have a lot less than this time last year. The problem that I find are that in the UK you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather, for instance yesterday was hot – t shirt and shorts weather yet today it’s jeans and waterproofs! Maybe I should just move somewhere nice and hot all year round then I would need a lot less clothes 🙂

    Great post and thanks for the mention!

    1. The weather where we live is pretty stable, hot in the summer and not too cold in winter. I’ll be just fine with one coat I think.

      One question- what are “waterproofs”? I’m assuming what we would call rainboots?

      1. I would love a little more stability with the weather here, it makes it hard to plan anything.

        By waterproofs I mean waterproof coats, we call our rainboots wellies!

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