Rethinking What You Have

When you decide to get rid of all of the excess “stuff” in your life, it can be a very liberating experience. Owner fewer things means that your living spaces are less cluttered, easier to clean, and it should be less stressful overall.

But, it’s not practical to get rid of everything, nor should you! What I’ve learned is that you should limit your items to quality items that you truly enjoy and will last you a long time. You should also consider re-purposing or rethink using items you already have.

As an example: I had no real clothes hamper. I had two small laundry baskets that sat out in the open that I would put my clothes into, and they were always overflowing. One was a small wicker basket, enough to hold several jeans, shirts and towels. The other was a larger, plastic laundry basket, capable of holding the amount of clothes I assume the average person would need washed each week. So after I had gone through and donated about half of my clothes, I decided to go buy a proper laundry hamper.

The first (and only) store I went to had several plastic hampers to choose from, none them I would want to look at out in the open. They were inexpensive, but I kept trying to picture them in my future minimalist bedroom and it wasn’t happening. In other words- they were just big ugly plastic things.

So, I decided, “I’ll just put the hamper in the closet then.”

At that point, I had a laundry hamper epiphany! Why was I buying something when I already had a laundry basket that was large enough at home? I could just put that in my closet and not spend a dime! And that’s what I did.

The lesson I learned that day was to really think about what I was selling or giving away. Not to consider keeping it just because I might use it someday (that’s one of the main reasons why hoarders are so messed up!), but to take a moment and consider if the item does in fact have a better use in your home.


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