Our New Minimal Bedroom


Last weekend, I completed the other half of the platform/pallet bed. On Monday we cleared out the old mattress, box spring and bed frame.

The platform is very sturdy, and will provide excellent ventilation for the mattress (or Japanese-style futon in the future). Another benefit is that since you’re sleeping lower to the ground, it makes the room seem much larger!

Later today I plan on clearing out the remaining things in the bedroom that no longer need to live there anymore. There’s a small desk that is not being used, a few random items, some boxes of books and games, and… the TV.

Yes, I have decided to get rid of the TV in our bedroom. We don’t have cable access in there, but I still watch DVDs before going to sleep on most nights. After some thought, I decided that it’s just a big nuisance in the room more than anything, and is a distraction from focusing on restful sleep.

When the rest of the room is straightened out, I will post some more photos showing the changes.



4 thoughts on “Our New Minimal Bedroom

  1. We removed the TV from our bedroom when our daughter was born, it was taking up too much room and neither of us were sleeping. We’d goto bed but be up for hours watching tv. Our sleep has improved since.

    1. I’m beginning to wonder if the answer for us is to keep the bedroom TV, but get rid of the living room TV. I only use the bedroom TV for maybe an hour a day, whereas the other TV gets heavy use.

      That’s awesome about your improved sleep! I’d love to read your experiences with how it got better.

    1. That is so great Zoe! Each time I wonder if I’m keeping the room straight, I go back and look at the pic on this post. I remember how good of a job I did and try to keep it that way.

      You did great too! The room looks fantastically simple.

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