Bad Decisions

This past weekend, I injured myself, although I didn’t realize it.

The previous week I had run a few days of doubles, which are longer runs split up throughout the day. I had run a few 3 mile and 2 mile runs.  By my Saturday run, I could tell something was wrong. Just 10 minutes in and the muscles on the sides of my shins felt like they were being ripped away. The same thing happened Monday and Tuesday, and by the last day I had to face the truth.

I knew that I had to take a day (or several days) of rest. When I don’t get to run, I get antsy. So even if I can’t run, I still work out unless I feel completely worn out.

But my biggest enemy was my brain telling me that I just needed to massage my leg muscles and I could keep on going no problem. Instead of listening to my instinct, that said I had a potentially serious injury forming, I decided to keep going.

Thankfully I did take a rest day. And it helped me to heal and get better, and to also have a great run today. So as much as I love to be productive, sometimes it’s just better to slow down and really think about what you’re doing. Being impulsive is an attribute I wish I had more of, because I tend to overplan and overthink just about everything I do.

But when it comes to your health and fitness, sometimes you have to just relax.


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