Beautiful Mornings

Are you a morning person? I certainly am.

When I got my first real job at 17, I had to start getting up at 6:30 every morning to make the hour long drive. Ever since then I have enjoyed the peaceful and quiet experience, and the earlier you get up the more serene it is.

This morning was extra special. As I walked out my front door to start my run, I was delighted to see my favorite weather- lovely, misty fog. To some people, fog probably ranks right above sideways-blowing icy rain, but to me it’s a beautiful transformation (visually anyway) of the world around me.

I love how the fog limits your view to just maybe a thousand feet ahead of you. I love how you can wave your hand through the air and feel the mist. I love how fog adds a depth to the landscape I see everyday, and makes it look new and exciting.

I’m sure there’s a certain type of weather you love too- maybe a chilly but sunny spring morning, an afternoon summer shower, or maybe even a blustery cold winter day.

Whatever it is, the next time it rolls around take a few minutes and just marvel at what is happening around you. Feel blessed that you are able to experience it one more time. Best of all, experience it with someone you love!


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