When was the last time you sat in a room with no music playing, no TV, no distractions of any kind? Was it for a specific purpose, or just to sit in silence?

It’s difficult to create when all we do is consume. We have TV (cable, broadcast, Netflix), music players, cell phones, video games and more. All these distractions keep you from creating and doing better things with your time!


The average amount of TV that a person watches in the United States is a staggering five hours. That is just the average! For some people it’s probably much more.

I’m terrible with math, but I think I can crunch these numbers. Let’s say that you only watch one hour of television per day (not just cable, physically sitting and watching any content on a TV). That’s seven hours per week. 28 hours per month. 336 hours per year.

All totaled that’s 14 entire days you have spent doing nothing important. And that’s less than the average! If you are an “average” television watcher, then you are spending 70 days in front of the television.


A few weeks ago, I deleted my Facebook account. I didn’t just deactivate it, I deleted it. I made the decision because I felt that Facebook (now on referred to as FB) was no longer something I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t have a crazy amount of friends, I could count the friends on FB I’d never actually met face to face on one hand.

I’d say that in total I spent an average of 45 minutes on FB per day. That’s a lot of time when you actually add it up. Some people do more, a lot more, and some people use it less. I decided to ditch everything and see how it felt. I wanted to know what I could do with that 45 minutes.

So far it feels great. The hardest part was the thought of losing contact with some very dear friends of mine in other states, and my international friends. With my friends that live within an hour of me, I hope to use my time off FB to develop deeper relationships with and have meaningful interaction with them, instead of just commenting on their posts. So far, so good. For my friends outside my area, I have their phone numbers and email addresses.


I’ve recently been trying to sit in total silence while I work and complete projects I’m doing both at home and at work. The best part is that the silence is not boring, but it helps me concentrate tremendously. Without the distractions of TV or Facebook, I’m able to do better work in less time.

If you have less distractions, what will you do with your time? Let me know in the comments.


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